Plone + Salesforce: The Perfect Pairing

Posted by Fulvio Casali at Apr 22, 2013 12:35 PM |
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If you already have a Plone site and a Salesforce account (or are considering adding one or the other to your IT toolset), it won't be difficult for you to imagine ways in which your organization could become more effective, and its workload eased, if only the two could work together.  A few examples:

  • If the e-newsletter subscription form on your website could directly save to your Salesforce contacts, your staff could do away with the manual data entry, say from a subscription email to a new Salesforce contact.
  • Suppose your Plone site has a custom content type for directory entries for public display, but your "master" directory is maintained in Salesforce.  The two directories could be automatically kept in sync, so any edits to a given record in Salesforce are promptly reflected on the public website.  Or you may want the ability to edit a record on either side, and the synchronization to be bi-directional.  This way, you would only have to make an update once, and not worry about keeping track of having to repeat the same edits on multiple platforms.
  • If your Salesforce data is structured using multidimensional custom categories, you might want the same structure to be reflected on your website.  Out of the box, Plone can handle a single taxonomy with multiple tags for each content item, but you can have custom types with as many categories as are needed.  Managing multiple categorization vocabularies can become a site configuration chore.  By synchronizing your Salesforce data with Plone, you can expose a rich and multi-faceted vista on your valuable content to your audience, without any additional editorial intervention.


Soliton Consulting can support you with these use cases, and more.

To showcase some of our experience in this field, please consider the following client solutions:

Web-to-Lead Forms

The Fund for Global Human Rights recently upgraded their multi-lingual website from Plone 2.1.4 to 4.2.  At the same time, their E-Newsletter signup form was integrated with their Salesforce account using the well-established Salesforce PFG Adapter.  This is a very quick and affordable solution that provides immediate benefits to any organization.

Content Synchronization

Online directories are prime candidates for batched synchronization between a Salesforce database and the content of a Plone site.  Think Local Seattle took advantage of this solution for a streamlined workflow.

Configuration of Complex Data

501 Commons has a sophisticated search functionality for their provider directory.  Each directory entry is tagged for multiple orthogonal categories, such as:  Areas of expertise, Counties served, Experience, Foreign Languages, Communities of color served, Other special populations served, as well as other keywords.  The vocabularies, i.e. the sets of all possible values for each of these categories, are fetched dynamically from Salesforce to build the search options on the navigation page.  Of course, all the provider directory entries themselves are also synchronized directly from Salesforce. Please see the post Diazo for Web Grafting for other aspects of this interesting project.


Please contact us if you would like more information about integration of Plone and Salesforce.

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