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Overflowing email inboxes and cluttered shared document folders are a waste of time, and a drain on employee energy and engagement. There's a better way to collaborate.


Cut through the noise and confusion of ad-hoc decision making. A social communication platform enables transparent collaboration.

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Stop re-inventing the wheel. Connect experts and expertise across organizational silos, and boost innovation.


Go beyond overflowing email inboxes and cluttered document folders. Get real work done with an integrated digital workplace.

Custom Solutions

What are the specific challenges and opportunities you're working on? We go the extra mile to really understand your organization, providing optimized solutions that fit your needs.

We provide a full package of custom services, from research and design to implementation and support.

Introducing Quaive - The Social Intranet Collaboration Solution

We’ve specifically developed the Quaive software to deliver the balance of social tools, structure, and process that our customers demand to successfully introduce a modern digital workplace into their organisation.

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A Vim errorformat for `firebase deploy`

In this post I share the lessons I learned from writing a compiler plugin for Vim that can be used when deploying to Firebase. I dissect the errorformat suitable for extracting errors from the output of `firebase deploy`.

Retrieve Plone's Navigation Tree Using REST API

I recently released collective.restapi.navigationtree to the Python Package Index, an add-on extending Plone's REST API with an endpoint that returns the site's navigation tree down to a configurable depth.

Listing the Kernel Versions of All Your Hosts With Ansible

A very simple Ansible playbook that allows you to dump the distribution and kernel version of all the hosts in your inventory to a local file.

How to replace Plone's default search page with a faceted search

Faceted search, as provided by eea.facetednavigation, offers many advantages over Plone's default search page. Thanks to the Zope Component Architecture, swapping out the default search page for a customized faceted search page is only a few quick steps away, as this Howto demonstrates.